The Theodo Agile Methodology

Velocity : n. the ability to translate quickly an idea into an exploitable feature. Velocity is the key to success on the Internet.

Our methodology is inspired by the web leaders. It enables us to bring your ideas to life in record time. Our ingredients: the very best programmers, only the best web technologies, automatic deployment in production, maximum agility to incorporate the evolution of your needs, and teamwork with our clients.

The Theodo Agile methodology is based on SCRUM for the development part and on Devops for the infrastructure and release part

The Project Team

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The Product Owner

The Product Owner sets the agenda of the project. He defines, ranks and prioritizes precisely features, ensuring that the team delivers value to the business immediately.

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The Facilitator (Scrum master)

A servant leader to the team, he adapts the Theodo Methodology to the context of the project, coaches the Product Owner, and does whatever is needed to help out the team in the quest of its maximum velocity.

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The Team

Composed of 2 to 5 excellent programmers who communicate directly with the Product Owner, the Team is responsible for the success of the project by advising the Product Owner and implementing his ideas quickly with maximum maintainability.

The Theodo starter

2 workshops of a half day each to launch developments

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1 Creativity

We translate your ideas into features described as user stories. You don"t need any preparation: just come and let yourself be guided.

2 Prioritisation

Setting priorities is an art and a must to succeed. The team helps you choose the most relevant features business-wise, with a short-term ROI.

3 Estimation

The team debates over the estimation of each feature, so that you can keep a close eye on your budget and have a very accurate tool in order to rank priorities.

The Theodo sprint'

A fixed period of 1 week during which the team develops the features that the Product Owner has set as priorities. The team begins actual developments after the Starter. A meeting takes place to end every sprint and begin a new one.

  1. Sprint backlog

    1 The Sprint backlog

    At the beginning of every sprint, the project team picks the most important tasks and prioritises them in the Sprint backlog. A successful sprint is when every single task of the Sprint backlog is done.

  2. Scrumboard

    2 The Scrum board

    Theodo prefers physical and visual supports to traditional project management tools. Every task can be seen on a board. There are many advantages, as everybody can see directly the progress and any time the project is falling behind or slowing down.

  3. Burndown chart

    3 The Burndown chart

    A part of the project board, it is updated daily. This way, the team members can know immediately if they are in time or falling behind. If the team is late, it"ll try to understand the reasons of the slowdown and solve them at once. The tunnel effect is gone or limited to a single day of work.

  4. Responsive design

    4 Results that can be tested

    The technical team delivers exploitable features as soon as the first sprint. Because we believe that the only value of a piece of code is to create a totally functional feature, the team focuses on a few features at the same time to build a completed product as quickly as possible.

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    5 Release

    When a minimum set of features-what we call the minimum sustainable product- is built, it is released. Every following feature is released on the fly with a totally automatic deployment mode.

  6. Pile de posts-it

    6 Update of the Theodo-list

    Things have been learnt by the Theodo team and the client during the latest sprint. This new knowledge is taken into account, by changing, suppressing or reorganising tasks.

  7. Image de fusée

    7 Continual Improvement

    At the end of every sprint, the team takes the time to celebrate the successes and best practices, in order to keep them alive for the rest of the project. They also analyse problems that have occurred and try to find solutions that will increase the project velocity.

Our certified SCRUM Masters

Theodo's team counts eleven certified Professional Scrum Masters

Our team of Scrum experts has reached 100 projects since 2011. Our experts have all received both high-level management educations and have an excellent knowledge of the web. Trained to Scrum by Jeff Sutherland and the teams, our Scrum Masters practice agility everyday.

The experts of the Theodo methodology cumulate more than 12 years of experience on web projects in Scrum.

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