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Our clients testify

But don’t take our word for it. Our clients’ testimonials are the best proof of the excellence of our service.

Laurent Kokanosky

‘‘ The Theodo team delivers both methodological expertise and exceptional technical skills. With them, we developed our new web application in record time, within our budget and deadlines! ’’

Laurent Kokanosky, Product Manager, Sagem
François Boury

‘‘ The superior quality standards of the developments for E-bar made it possible to support more than five times the expected traffic without changing the server architecture ! The programmers at Theodo are proven experts in web performance management. ’’

François Boury, CTO, l'
Pierre Denis
Retail Explorer

‘‘ It's the first time in 15 years of work with web companies that I'm fully satisfied. The technical team is both skilled and committed, while Scrum is followed strictly. ’’

Pierre Denis, CEO, Retail Explorer
Lionel Touati
Maisons Du

‘‘ Theodo provided me with a team of excellent programmers, skilled in every aspect of the web. ’’

Lionel Touati, CTO, Maisons Du
Elie Silberztein
Ma Résidence

‘‘ We trusted Theodo to support us in the revamp of our website and the migration to Symfony2. Theodo provided the 10 Symfony2 experts I was looking for in addition to my internal team, and the agile management skills I needed to make the best out of our 3 Scrum teams. Theodo successfully overcame all the challenges of the project. ’’

Elie Silberztein, CTO,
Nicolas Courtois

‘‘ Theodo contributed to the immediate success of our mobile site ( was voted best M Site of the year). Their high degree of involvement and the exceptional technical quality of their work makes Theodo a perfect partner for successful web projects. ’’

Nicolas Courtois, Mobile Manager,
Nicolas Barnabé

‘‘ Two months ago, our agency left us and we did not know what to do. Thanks to Theodo, we transformed our legacy PHP into a product that surpassed our expectations, entirely based on Symfony2. I was impressed by the precision, the delivery speed and the motivation of the team. ’’

Nicolas Barnabé, Managing Director
José de Araujo

‘‘ I had already tried and failed twice to redesign my website. Theodo was the first company that offered me a truely custom solutions and delivered results from week one. ’’

José de Araujo, CIO, Auto-Planning